"From the Pastor's Desk"
"Holy Spirit of God, Breathe On Us"
by Pastor Darlene Taff

Spirit of God, it is by You and You alone, that we can know or perceive our lovely Lord Jesus Christ, our heavenly Advocate Who speaks in our behalf before the throne on high. 

The Father has deemed that we're seated with Christ in the heavenlies,
Reigning in this life, by Him, above all our enemies. 
His Word as a Refuge; Jesus' Name as a tower.
Our calling only upon You to bring us into power.
Yet, if fears should arise or friends don't understand,
Speak up within me comfortingly, as only You, Lord, can.
Somehow when you gently speak, my heart so longs to hear it. 
For when it is Your voice, my God,
The message is "Spirit to Spirit". 
"Great Is Your Mercy"
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